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This time Side Liner compiles 11 true ambient lounge anthems from multi talented musician Jens Buchert.One the most popular international producers from the German downbeat scene.Known for his ambient and electronic music projects Space Night, Café Solaire, Pacha compilation, Ibiza Chillout, Sunset Chill, Savannah Beach Club and last but not least the Café Abstract series.
With Side Liner's touch and taste discover the beauty of Jens Buchert music!

Track List :

1. Jens Buchert - Fluffy Sky
2. Jens Buchert - Rainland
3. Jens Buchert - Ice
4. Jens Buchert - Take Air
5. Amberland - Aquarel
6. Jens Buchert - In The Mirror
7. Amberland - Mélange Eléctrique
8. Jens Buchert - Polaris (feat. Shine)
9. Jens Buchert - Sunrider
10. Jens Buchert - Reflections
11. Jens Buchert - Sanso Sheep
12. Discovering Jens Buchert (mixed by Side Liner)